Abandon all hope, ye who enters here!


We are the future of the Kindred!

"I wanna be Anarchy!!"
-Sex Pistols, Anarchy in the UK

"So called facts are fraud
They want us to allege and pledge
And bow down to their God
Lost the Culture, the culture Lost
Spun our minds and through time
Ignorance has taken over
We gotta take the power back!"

-rage against the machine, Take the Power Back

This page written by
Anarky Xx

The Camarilla are nothing but a bunch of Nazi's!!!!!! They hide behind their traditions when they kill Kindred, and take over a city in a Princes name!! They squash the human rights that we had lived with during life. It seems when you die, you no longer posess the same rights as when you were living!!! The Justicars are the death sqaud commanders that oppress the Kindred society. Did we vote for them!!Do they derive their autority from the masses?!! NO!!! So we must take them down and take them down hard. It is time for the Kindred to rise up and break the chains of slavery and destroy their elder masters and reerect society the way it should be!! No laws to oppress, but mutual respect and FREEDOM!!!

This page is a bastion of freedom for Anarchs. It contains many usefull ideas and links for Anarchs so they can better fulfill the mission of defeating the Justicars. You might have stumbled here looking for the Old CLan Tzimisce Page. I am still Old Clan Tzimisce, but I have come to a moment of clarity and decided to devote my unlife to freeing Kindred society from the Nazi tendencies of the Camarilla. So enjoy your stay and have FUN!!!!

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Interesting Tidbits.

Popular Myths Told by the Camarilla

Links to Anarchy sites

(This is for entertainment purposes only. Use these sites to aquiant yourself with how an anarchist feels and thinks. Do not try these things at home kiddies.)

Clan Links

Grouped by Sect and listed in order of who is cool and who isn't.


Camarilla and others

How the Anarchs get their info.

The webmaster does not convey a challange to the tradmarks of White Wolf and any other companies, individuals, countries, or planets with this page. He is solely doing it for fun and information. If people do not want their info here in this page, then email me before you call teh opressive US Government or even a lawyer. (You know they charge for that intial consultation).

Welcome. People have opened their minds a little more.

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