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Professor Ed Panzarino

Nature: Fanatic
Demeanor: Rebel
Concept: Radical Professor
Sire: Ugly Bob
Generation: 10th
Clan: Nosferatu
Age: 45

Physical 			Social 			Mental
Strength:3 Charisma:4 Perception:3 Dexterity:3 Manipulation:3 Intelligence:4 Stamina:4 Appearance:3 Wits:4
Talents Skills Knowledge
Acting:2 Drive:2 Computer:1 Empathy:3 Etiquette:2 Finance: 1 Leadership:3 Music:2 Investigation:3 Streetwise:1 Security:2 Occult:4 Politics: 4 Science:1
Disciplines Background Virtues
Obfuscate:4 Resources:2 Conscience:4 Potence:2 Status:2 Self-Control:5 Animalism:1 Generation:3 Courage:2


Educated at Harvard during the turbulant sixties, Ed received his Ph.D in Political Scinece and a Masters in History. His dissertation set the political science area on its ear with the conclusions Ed drew between the IRA of today and the Patriots that founded the U.S. He later moved on to a small school in Pennsylvania and taught there for 10 years. His political ideas surged over into his teaching and the college was soon aligned against him and his preaching of his radical views. Though he had tenure and the students enjoyed his teaching the college found a way to terminate his employment. Undaunted by the narrow mindedness of academia, he headed west and to LA where he found another teaching job at a small college outside the city. There he kept up his rants and was recognized by the Anarchs that attended campus events. Sometime around 1984 a Nosferatu named Ugly Bob, met Professor Ed and embraced him.


His unlife has been much the same since his embrace. Except now he is able to test his political theories in the microcosm of Vampire society. Once in awhile he might act with the Anarchs on raids into northwestern cities but most of the time he is in his classroom at the same college, teaching night classes. Often in the past year he has traveled east with a team of twenty Anarchs to begin their subterfuge in New York. He has accepted a postion at NYU and he uses this as a powerbase to help along the Anarch movement in the Sabbat held city.

Appearence and Personality:

Like the rest of his clan Ed is extremely deformed, and being a childe of Ugly Bob he is more deformed than the rest of his clan. His skin is almost completely gone. Patches still exist here or there on his body, his nose is non existent and his teeth could look better. His fingers are bony in appearence and even three are only bones. He wears loose fitting button down shirts and jeans. He uses his obfuscate discipline extensivly especially mask of a thousand faces. His radical views translate into his personality. He is outspoken on several issues in politics and he hates the Inner Circle.