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Pavel Krazny

Nature: Cavalier
Demeanor: Penitent
Concept: Guerilla Leader
Sire: Lazlo Alexander Skaar
Generation: 8th
Clan: Dietyomoroze
Age: 40

Physical 			Social 			Mental
Strength:5 Charisma:5 Perception:4 Dexterity:5 Manipulation:3 Intelligence:5 Stamina:6 Appearance:2 Wits:5
Talents Skills Knowledge
Alertness:4 Drive (horsemanship):5 Investigation: 3 Athletics:3 Firearms:4 Linguistics:4 Brawl:3 Melee:4 Medicine:3 Dodge:2 Security:2 Politics:3 Leadership:3 Stealth:4 Subterfuge:3 Survival (cold weather):4
Disciplines Background Virtues
Zshara:7 Resources:4 Consicous: 4 Protean:5 Status:3 Self control:4 Animalism:4 Allies:4 Courage:5 Celerity:3 Obfuscate:3


Pavel was born in Georgia in the 1500's, there he lived in peace until the imperialists from Moscow came to take control of the Georgian resources. He took up arms with several of his countryman. The russians won that round and Pavel and his patriots moved to the hills of northeastern Russia to regroup and attack again. Pavel rode around the Russian country side and gathered troops to wage a guerilla war against the imperialist. This is when he caught the attention of a noble visiting named Lazlo.


Pavel was embraced in 1598, He was asked to serve his sire Lazlo in keeping watch of what was going on with the Brujah in Russia. While he was there Pavel developed the discipline of zshara and created the bloodline of The Children of Frost. He embraced several childer and now uses his skills and bloodline to fight for the Anarchs around the world. Most of his exploits have been in the Eastern hemisphere conducting guerilla actions against Camarilla holdings. His bloodline has served his sire and the Anarch movement even before the movement began.

From Russia with Hate:

Pavel's bloodline in Russia is there to keep tabs on the happenings of Baba Yaga. When the veil dropped down over the Russian countryside when Bab Yaga rose, the Brujah were wiped out according to many of the Camarilla Elders. Messages from Pavel have confirmed that some of the Brujah have survived and have assumed guerilla operations as have the Children of the Frost against Yaga and her childer. This intelligence is filtered through unknown sources, the Anarch movement also use the six other cells of the Children around the world to conduct raids against the Camarilla.

Appearence and Personality:

Pavel is a rather large man, a little over six feet and very muscular. He has a long beard and bushy hair that remains unkempt. His hearty laugh screens his seriousness when out on a mission and his knowledge of guerilla tactics would even impress Ho Chi Minh. He is quick to anger but he is calculating in his actions.