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These few Anarchs are of importance to my cause in the Anarch movement. Though I may not agree with every Anarch out there, I fight for what I think the Anarch movement should be. If you don't like it, so be it.

The Learned Group

Being able to blow things up does not an anarch make. Having a brain that can think things through is also imporatnt to the movement. These are three of the Kindred that have brains and use them to advance the movement step by step.

Hunter Thompson - 10th Generation Caitiff. The "Gonzo" Journalist

Jon Bramnic- 10th Generation Brujah. Idealist Constitutional Lawy

Professor Edward Panzarino- 10th Generation Nosferatu. Radical College Professor

The War Party

Then again to get the Princes attention, or even the Justicar's you have to create a rather large explosion or just create enough lies and falsities that the Camarilla takes action against anyone esept yourself. Bad publicity goes a long way. These two Kindred are leaders in the War parties that use guerilla and terroist tactics to fight their way to freedom

Pavel Krazny- 8th Generation Dietyomoroz. Guerilla leader and experienced warrior.

Blake- 9th Generation Dietymoroz. Good with explosives and guerilla tactics.

The Subversives

Then there is just good old fashion anarchy. This Kinded uses modern technology to disrupt the flow of information and curropt the information at the heart of the system itself. A technoguerrilla, she weaves her way through the network of computers that house the information of the Elders

The Mick- 10th Generation Caitiff. The computer hacker.