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The Mick

Nature: Perfectionist
Demeanor: Thrill-seeker
Concept: Computer Hacker
Sire: N/A
Generation: 10th
Clan: Caitiff
Age: 16

Physical 			Social 			Mental
Strength:2 Charisma:4 Intelligence: 5 Dexterity:2 Manipulation:3 Perception:3 Stamina:2 Appearance:4 Wits:4
Talents Skills Knowledge
Alertness:2 Drive:1 Computer6 Sunbterfuge:3 Etiquette(net):4 Finance:3 Repair(computer):3 Investigation:3 Security(computer):3 Law:1 Science:3
Disciplines Background Virtues
Dominate:1 Resources:3 Conscience:3 Presence:2 Allies:2 Self-control:1 Chimistry:1 Herd:1 Courage:4 Fame:2


Being only 16 she hasn't had much of a life. But at the age of 3 she began to work on the personal computer at home and found that she enjoyed it. Her parents were surprised that she was so adept at understanding the system. By the time she was 6 she had hacked into the telephone company and from then on her family has had free long distance payed for by the US government. She could never get her fill of the cmoputers. After learning what she could on Macintoshes she moved up to Windows and DOS and then Unix took her a total of three days to learn. She took the name of The Mick and began her criminal computer career at age 10. The police finally caught her after she broke into their database and encrypted the entire thing with an encryption code that the NSA is still working on and trying to break. Sitting in a jail cell one night awaiting to make bail a detective asked her if she wanted out. She said yes.


The Detective was a Anarch that happened to be in town that weekend when she was caught. He embraced her and gave her the news that she would have even more challenges in the cyber realm. Moving to LA she set up her work station in a remote location with the moneys that were given to her by the same detective. Since then she hasn't seen her sire but she knows he watches over her. It was like being in Disney World with the equipment she had. An ISDN line into her apartment and a server with over 6 gigabytes on the hard drive and running at about 200megahetrz was a dream come true for her. Since then the Anarchs have acquired vast amounts of income and she has helped take down several powerbases with a few key strokes.

Apaerance and Personality:

She is very attractive almost teenage model material. She has a foul mouth and dresses in the popular fashions of the goth culture. She always speaks very quickly and uses computer terms a lot
. She always seems to be on a suger high and rarely relaxes.