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Jon Bramnic

Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Director
Sire: Jack Thorton
Generation: 10th
Clan: Brujah (idealist)
Age: 30 (130 udead)

Physical 			Social 			Mental
Strength:3 Charisma:5 Perception:4 Dexterity:3 Manipulation:5 Intelligence:5 Stamina:3 Appearance:4 Wits:4
Talents Skills Knowledge
Acting:4 Drive:3 Bureaucracy:4 Intimidation:3 Firearms:1 Computer:2 Leadership:2 Repair:2 Finance:1 Subterfuge:1 Investigation:4 Law:5 Politics:3
Disciplines Background Virtues
Dominate:2 Resources:4 Conscience:5 Fortitude:1 Allies:1 Self-Control:5 Protean:1 Contacts:3 Courage:3 Presence:3

Jon was a trial lawyer right out of Law school. Full of piss and vinager to put away the bad guys that broke the law. During his first couple of years in the DA's office he found that it was the people that were suppose to uphold the law were breaking it more than serving it. Everyday he saw the rights of innocent people being trashed by over zealous policemen and court officers. He later joined the ACLU to help fight the government when ever it tried to stem the rights of the people. He also found there, that the ACLU was somewhat of a corrupt organization that took bribes from officials. He parted ways and began to fight unconstitutional laws where ever they may be on his own. He gathered a substantial following and made a name for himself.


The Camarilla Prince of Pittsburgh saw that Jon's practices were getting in the way of his machinations of bringing the kine under more control. He sent several of his minions to take care of Jon and to make it look like a politically motivated crime. A small Anarch contigent on the east coast had a plant in the Prince's court. The Movement was informed by this spy that this was about to happen. The Anarchs had supported Jon in his dealings and now they were going to save him from being killed. The Anarch team reached Jon's house outside of Annapolis MD, before the Camarilla hit squad and waited in ambush. The team of five, attacked the hit team silently as the leader went inside and brought Jon to safety. Later on Jon was embraced by the leader because he found it better for Jon to have as kindred so he could protect himself when necessary and he would be a great allie for the Anarchs on the East Coast.

Appearence and Personality:

Jon dresses conservitively in suits or polo shirts and slacks. He is rather learned and loves to debate any issue that comes up in a conversation. There is a likeable quality about him. He can debate with the best of them.