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Hunter Thompson

Nature: Conniver
Demeanor: Deviant
Concept: Gonzo Journalist
Sire: N/A
Generation: 10th
Clan: Caitiff
Age: 30 (30 udead)

Physical 			Social 			Mental
Strength:3 Charisma:4 Perception:4 Dexterity:4 Manipulation:4 Intelligence:5 Stamina:4 Appearance:3 Wits:4
Talents Skills Knowledge
Acting:4 Drive:3 Bureaucracy:4 Intimidation:1 Firearms:1 Computer:2 Leadership:2 Music:1 Finance:1 Streetwise:4 Repair:2 Investigation: 4 Subterfuge:1 Stealth:1 Law:1 Journalism:4 Politics:3
Disciplines Background Virtues
Dominate:2 Resources:2 Conscience:4 Fortitude:1 Allies:1 Self-Control:5 Celerity:2 Contacts:2 Courage:3 Auspex:3

Hunter spent most of his time in LA during his life. Writing for magazines like Rolling Stone and other publications in the 1960's. He began to write books also. He rode with the Hell's Angels in 1965 and subsequently wrote a tell all book about how the motorcycle gang really was. His exploits, with his companion Roaul Duke, through Las Vegas are legendary to anyone who read his book about them. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, brought his writing style to the forefront and began the style of journalism called Gonzo.

Later on, Hunter became a political junkie and followed Nixon on his campaign writing everything bad thing he could about the Republican party and Nixon himself. He had a disdain for the republicans and even the government that called itself a demoracy. He witnessed several violations of the bill of rights and was very outspoken on each occasion.

During the time he rode with the Hell's Angels, Hunter came to be liked and even taken in by the gang. His later betrayal of their trust with his book brought upon him the hatred of the inner circle of the gang. They happened to be a Sabbat pack which decided that this mortal was not going to live much longer. One night while Hunter was home finishing up his latest rant for Rolling Stone, three of the pack broke into his house and attacked him. Being heavily armed with a .44, Hunter was able to destroy two of the Sabbat. The third was able to wrest the gun from Hunter and he thought that this mortal would be more of a worthy opponent if he were embraced and then hunted. Hunter was embraced sometime in 1966 and the plan to hunt him down failed. He fled to LA from his house in Colorado and began to help the Anarch movement in their plans to liberate the rest of the west coast.

Appearence and Personality:
Hunter looks like he is in his mid thirties. His tan leathery skin shows how much time he relaxed in the sun during his lifetime. He is never without a cigarette in his mouth and his loudspoken attitude almost always ellicits an outcry from the Camarilla elders and shouts of agreement from the Anarchs. His abrasive but humorous attitude can shift atmospheres in a room easily.

My apologies to Hunter S. Thompson for making him a Vampire. I admire his work and really enjoy it too. I figure though he wouldn't mind being cast as a vampire that spends his life doing the same things the Real Hunter does. So if Hunter Thompson actually makes his way to this page and sees that he is an undead, I hope that I haven't pissed you off.