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Nature: Perfectionist
Demeanor: Optimist
Concept: Counter Insurgent, SAS soldier
Sire: Pavel Krazny
Generation: 9th
Clan: Dietyomoroze
Age: 25

Physical 			Social				Mental
Strength:5 Charisma:2 Perception:4 Dexterity:5 Manipulation:2 Intelligence: 4 Stamina:4 Appearance:2 Wits: 3

Talents Skills Knowledge
Acting:2 Animal Ken:3 Computer:3 Alertness:1 Firearms:4 Law:1 Brawl:2 Melee:3 Linguistics:2 Suberfuge:4 Repair:5 Science:3 Stealth:2 Survival:3
Disciplines Background Virtues
Zshara:3 Resources:4 Consicous:4 Protean:5 Status:3 Self control:4 Animalism:3 Allies:4 Courage:5 Fortitude:3 Obfuscate:2 Potence:2

Blake joined the English Army when he was eighteen. From there he became a part of the most elite soldiers in the world. As a part of the SAS he was deployed all over the world. From South Africa to the Flakland Islands. He served his team as an explosives expert and also was part of the elite counter-terroist teams. Throughout his military career he had a nagging feeling at the back of his mind that he could never really put his finger on. He knew that he was serving his country like his father and grand father did before him, but the things that he did made him think.

He served a tour in the Falkland islands whcich made him think even more. He was fighting to keep the islands for England when they were right off the coast of Argentina. He could never argue that he was making a difference for the national security of his country by killing men half way around the world. What pushed him over the edge was his tour in Northern Ireland.

The year and a half that he was there in Ireland made him see what he had been unsure of all his life. Here were a people that were fighting for their own self determination and freedom and he was the one trying to kick them back into line. Freeing Ireland would not affect him or his country he believed, and from then on he knew what he had to do.

After his tour he resigned from the SAS and moved north the Scotland to live the rest of his life simply. That would never happen. One night while at a local pub he happened to get caught right in the middle of an Camarilla-Sabbat battle. Vampires were everywhere and Blake used his wits and combat sense to survive the confrontation. After the dust settled corporses of unwitting mortals lay on the floor and several Vampires were licking their wounds. The Camarilla had won but at a terrible cost. Blake walked to the door and out into the night. There he was grabbed and taken to the woods surroundng the city.

Pavel had been the cause of the battle at the pub that night. He and several Children of the Frost operatives had convinced each sect that the other was getting to ready to invade their repective domains. This tactic proved useful in eliminationg Camarilla and Sabbat power in the Northern territories. Pavel had seen one mortal survive the frenzy inside and decided that he was worthy to be embraced and taken into the fold of the Dietyomoroze.

Blake was embraced in 1986 outside a small city in Scotland by Pavel Krazny. He would later find out that the Anarch movement was what he was looking for. He helped the members of his line in honing their skills as insurgents and counter insurgents and was able to contribute his knowledge of explosives to the Anarchs over the world. He now is currently touring throughout North America with three others trying to tie together the Anarchs from different cities that have yet to be contacted.

Appearance and Personality:
Blake dresses casual with combat boots all the time. He personality is rather introverted and he rarely speaks. He has a permanent grin on his face and it usually gets him in trouble because others don't know what he is thinking.