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Unstable Allies: Hunters and Werewolves.


Being a vampire and I know all of you are, we wonder about the Vampire Hunter and how he or she ticks. We figure that the Hunter is out only to kill us and rid the earth of our existence. But I have a different hypothesis. Ha! you say? Well it really isn't that different just an added flavor to help what you are doing for the Movement and rid ourselves of the pesky mortals who are hunters.

Hunters are rather blind individuals, kinda like the automotons that follow the Prince. They do not know that the small vampires they hunt are only the tips of the iceberg and that there are far more older and powerful ones. Being allied with hunters does put one in a precarious position. One, he knows what you look like. Two, he knows you are a vampire. Three, he will more than likely try to ram a stake into your chest before you can get a word out of your mouth.
Here are some tips in dealing with this unrully lot.

Hunters like toys. Use some weapon to entice the Hunter to talk. If he knows that he will get the fun toy after you are finished, he will listen. Attentively? probably not, he will be thinking of the toy more than listening to you so you have to add something to the pot.

Intelligence. (not the kind the hunter has in is brain). Tell him that if he will listen, you will give him a location of a resting elder. But use this sparingly. Make sure he has agreed to the terms of before you drop this little tidbit.

Make him feel good. Positive reinforcement is good when dealing with these paraniod mortals. Make him believe that if he does what you want him to, Vampires around the world will be brought down and destroyed. Well maybe not the world, but the city will do. This is most likely the idea that will convert him into helping you out.

Leave with a great flourish. When leaving the meeting always use a discipline. The more recommended ones are obfuscate, protean, celerity, or animalism. In doing this you insure that the mortal knows that he is dealing with a supernatural creature. And maybe he will think twice about double crossing you. Some recommended usages of the above are:

Obfuscate: Just fade away into the shadows or have the shadows wrap around you. This helps you leave without being seen where you're going also.
Protean: Make yourself into a cloud and float away or if you are old enough turn into your favorite animal and leave that way.
Celerity: All I can say is run like the wind. Try running around him a few times before you go.
Animalism: Call up some of your rat friends to follow you home. This really gets them thinking.

Never, ever dominate the Hunter in complying. This does two things. It makes him angry after the deed is done, if he survives. And it can get difficult to control him during the day even if you are old enough to have the power to do this. And isn't it more satisfying conning him into doing it?

Well I hope I was able to shed some light onto the Hunter question. More to come when facts are tested.


These doggies are rather cute when they are pups but when they grow up, watch your ass. Though they do not frequent our cities, there are a few that do. The little I do know about them should help with making an uneasy alliance.

Never, ever call them lupines to their face. Or dogs, puppies, mongrels, freaks or any other demeaning word. They don't like that.

No matter how tough it is, do not pat their heads and scratch them behind the ears. Their leg does not twitch when you rub them on the belly either.

To get them to cooperate, drop the terms Wyrm, Pentax, Fomori, humans, pollution and bad for the environment, into the conversation. This will garauntee they help out.

Say you always supported Greenpeace and the other Ecoterroists groups when you were alive.

This is tricky and stupid to a point. Do not do this unless you are trained to fight these bad boys in Crinos form. If after you pose teh question and they still don't want to help, just say this, "Well OK, just remember I know where your kinfolk live." And end it with a sinister laugh. Now at that point he will probaly go beserk and try to rip your gonads out through your mouth. Either run very fast or have the experience to duke it out with a raging werewolf. This is not for the weak of heart.

They will probably help if you say that their caern is in trouble also.

With these little tips you can have allies for a short period of time to help take down a opressive Prince or even and entire city. Who do you think got the doggies all angry at Chicago?

Have any ideas how to convince either of these peoples to help out? Drop a note.
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