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Why an Anarch?

So why would someone want to become an Anarch? That seems to be the question on all of your minds. Well, being one is different from being under the yoke of the Camarilla. You are free to do what you want. You can travel without notifying his highness that you are in his city. You can have fun with your unlife. Now I am going to tell you why I became an Anarch.

Long ago I was embraced as a Tzimisce. I followed their precips and their rules and even the Sabbat rules. For three hundred years I did that. I watched humans and kindred get shafted by the powers that be. At the time it was the Camarilla inner cirlce and the Sabbat Bishops. I worked my way up the ladder and made Bishop of my small city. I watched as I made the decisions to put Kindred to the knife and did it myself sometimes.

One night I sat at night in my inner chamber reading over the past diaries that I had kept through my life and unlife. I read my writings of when I was a young noble and how I argued against my father's domination and unjust rulings over the land and the village. I forgot about those days through my unlife and that night as the sun began to crest over the horizon I found out that I had become my father!

That was something I did not want to be. That night changed my unlife for the better I believe, my enemies in the Sabbat see me as a traitor and want me dead, the Camarilla never liked me. Now I use all of my resources and my childer even have changed sides with me, to destroy the Camarilla and the Sabbat and restore justice to the undead and living world. Kinda like a bloodsucking superman!

Well, actually not like that, I just refuse to sit back and watch Kindred killed and territory taken without the consent of the masses that live there. I refuse to watch the Camarilla subjugate the society of vampires under their so called traditions!

Screw Caine's traditions! They are a myth of the Justicars to keep the neonates inline!

If Caine himself were here He would strike down those that are in charge because of their dirty deeds and blood ridden hands!!!

Caitiff and Anarchs of the World unite!!! We are the future of this society and we will be free!!